Wightwood Abbey Gatehouse

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Wightwood Abbey Gatehouse

Two story medieval gatehouse with external stairwell and large, functional gateway and side entrance door. Roof detaches for internal play.

Assembled from 4 parts, plus doors
Assembled size: 9″L x 6″W x 9.5″H inches
28mm Scale
Printed in Silver PLA+


“The ingress by which all those who follow the faith enter into the hallowed grounds of the abbey, and the means by which all those who would defile it are kept at bay. Be vigilant! Keep your eyes on the horizon!”

A two story building that guards the main entrance to Wightwood Abbey or any medieval style area in need of protection. The gateway itself makes use of a set of large, functioning double doors and the passageway is wide enough for a horse and rider or small cart to pass through. The second story guard room is accessible by external stone staircase. The roof detaches to allow for internal gameplay.