Urban Scatter Bundle 2

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Urban Scatter Bundle 2

Add some thematic interest to your urban gaming table with the set of  Urban Scatter pieces.
Includes 8 street signs, 2 traffic light options, bus shelter with sign, 2 payphones, 2 electrical junction boxes, 5 trash cans, 7 trash/junk piles.

Dimensions: are 28mm

Bus Shelter Full - 99mm x 40mm x 53mm
Electrical Junction Box 1 - 38mm x 21mm x 39mm
Electrical Junction Box 2 - 15mm x 16mm x 32mm
Fire Hydrant - 11mm x 8mm x 20mm
Pay Phone - 15mm x 17mm x 38mm
Trash Can - 14mm x 13mm x 19mm
Mattress with Junk - 86mm x 85mm x 21mm
Rubbish Pile 1 - 27mm x 19mm x 13mm
Rubbish Pile 2 - 43mm x 29mm x 17mm
Rubbish Pile 3 - 25mm x 21mm x 19mm
Rubbish Pile 4 - 27mm x 25mm x 22mm
Rubbish Pile 5 - 25mm x 20mm x 21mm
Rubbish Pile 6 - 42mm x 34mm x 26mm

Printers in Silver PLA+ to high quality and low layer height.
Miniatures Not included

Symbol - Police Station