Two Floor House

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Two Floor House

After the apocalypse where better to hole up than this old town house. Despite its crumbling facade and boarded up windows, this dwelling offers great protection against the shambling hordes and even other survivors.

Great for games like Last Days: Zombie Apocalypse, Fallout, The Walking Dead, This Is Not A Test, and other 28mm survival games. The model comes as three main components that lock together. The windows and doors print separately. Windows are interchangeable with the options for boarded up, cracked glass and open so you can make your refuge as open or barricaded as you like.


Lower Floor - 93mm x 106mm x 63mm
Upper Floor - 92mm x 106mm x 63mm
Roof - 92mm x 110mm x 24mm

Printers in Silver PLA+ to high quality and low layer height.
Miniatures Not included

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