The Mini Torbridge

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The Mini Torbridge

The Mini Torbridge is a modular medieval bridge. The bridge can be expanded as long as you like. The bridge features exchangeable braziers along the parapet.

  • infinitely expandable bridge (add as many horizontal sections as you want these are optional add-ons)


    392 x 120 x 102mm

    Plus optional extra add-ons
    Add an extra bridge Span 202 x 135 x 104mm
    28 mm scale
    Printed in Silver PLA+

    “The legend of the Torbridge in Wightwood Vale has reached the ear of every person of learning in Talharia. One of the last structures the great masons of Brylinshor built before we lost their knowledge, it has withstood a hundred assaults by men and Orelog from the Khavahk mountains, and it could easily withstand a hundred more. Torbridge Cull owes its continued existence to this bridge, and to the men-at-arms from the Barrage who are ever vigilant on the walls of the tower. ” – Well travelled patron at a tavern in Helvas Alva

    The sturdy Torbridge has kept the town of Torbridge Cull safe from the dangers of the mountains since it was first built by the masons of Brylinshor during the reign of King Hallanth. Its tower consists of five levels, from a water level entry, past the main portcullis and guardroom, to the very topmost crank-house. Balconies are accessible from the guard room and can be manned when needed. The tower is usually the first thing one sees over the rooftops of Torbridge Cull when one arrives from the Ashlands, and its sight has always meant safety and civilization from those weary of the long roads behind them.


    Text - Wightwood Abbey Ruined Rookery Tower