The Fighting Pits (660mm diameter model)

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The Fighting Pits

The Torbridge Cull Fighting Pits is a huge arena for the displaying of all sorts of ruthless blood sport. The fighting area itself measures 16″ (400mm) in diameter, which doesn’t include the surrounding balconies, shop stalls, beast pens, the entrance gate and VIP booth or the towering judges podium and fighters barracks! If you’re going to stage a death match, might as well do it in style!

  • 16″ (400mm) internal diameter of fighting area (over 26″ (660mm) diameter for the entire model)!
  • Working gates and doors for beasts, competitors and patrons
  • semi-protected VIP seating
  • Towering judges' podium with connected rooms

Note just to give you an idea of the size of this model if it was to print on 1 printer is would take a whopping 45 days to print.

28 mm scale
Printed in Silver PLA+

“Perhaps the most exciting thing about the Last Hearth Inn is the people you meet. Given its reputation, you can see why they built that huge hotel to accommodate all the folk eager to come and get a bit o’ the Cull while it was in its heyday. I was lucky to get a room on the top floor with my own private balcony (what a view!), but boy did I get my exercise while I was staying there with all those stairs!” – the same well travelled patron at a tavern in Helvas Alva

Before the hard times, the Last Hearth Inn was the perfect place to stay while visiting the thriving town of Torbridge Cull, and it wasn’t too long before the owners commissioned the construction of an even larger building to accommodate all the visitors flowing into town. The masons of Brylinshor had left long ago, and so there were no craftsmen available to build this new hotel to the same standards, but the locals did the best they could and the result was sturdy, if somewhat less refined. Still, the new hotel houses a great many more bodies than the inn could, and for a while each and every room was filled. Until the riches of the Wightwood began to become scarce, and then of course the Orelog came….