The Colony Mining Building G

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The Colony Mining Building G

The Mining Town in the Colony features a utilitarian architecture style easily constructed using prefabricated panels. Built for function rather than comfort, each building was designed to house the off-world workers of the colony. Exposed pipework, enviro-cycler units, industrial lighting, and plastcrete panels all point to a structure built for functionality.

The buildings all feature a roof accessible by ladder, perfect for snipers, and internal floors for the upper levels, with the removable roof allowing you place your units inside and fire through the window openings.
Each building also has locking holes for the included walkways, give you the opportunity to use the elevation to cross from structure to structure.
Set up the buildings as a dense urban street layout perfect for close quarter fights, or scale up the elevation to encourage flying units and snipers!


SIZE 10.6 x 11.5 x 23.8cm 3 stories

If you want a higher building these are fully modular and you can add in midd sections please see drop down and select the extra midd section if you like this will add an extra 10.2cm to the height

Printers in Silver PLA+ to high quality and low layer height.
Symbol - The Colony Mining Building G