Thatched Longhouse

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Thatched Longhouse

The Wightwood Abbey Thatched Longhouse is a truly epic building with enough room inside to stage a full-on dynamic, multi-level battle. Includes a number of entrances and exits, two open stories plus an additional interior room making this building perfect for defence as well as ‘laying siege’ scenarios. Fill out the interior with furniture or leave it empty, either way there’s plenty of space to move around in.

Prints in 23 parts
Assembled size: 19″W x 9″D x 9″H
28mm scale
Printed in Silver PLA+

“Careful now brother, you won’t be wanting to stray down that old pathway, for that way lies the Infirmary of the Plagued (Light preserve us). Oh sure, it’s abandoned now, and a good thing too! But none can be sure the sickness has truly left the place, and none that I know are brave enough to find out… ” – Brother Queshire

The Thatched Longhouse is a very big model, and can serve a multitude of purposes besides an infirmary. But however you chose to use it, you’re guaranteed a very versatile building that works well as a hideout, a makeshift base, a chieftain’s longhouse and a lot more. Two levels, four entrances, removable bridge and easily accessible porch all combine to give this terrain piece a ton of functionality.