Sorcerer's Tower

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Sorcerer's Tower

High on the hill, the sturdy stone tower has stood watching over the town for as long as anyone can remember. Coloured smoke bursts from its chimney on occasion, and in the highest window, a shape can be seen darting about. The older townsfolk speak of wondrous magics that once spilled forth from the owner’s hands, but the younger ones say this is yet another local legend.

The Sorcerer’s Tower is perfect as a centrepiece, for watching over Winterdale, or as a repository of dusty old scrolls for curious adventurers on the way to a dungeon. It is a fantasy-styled building that can be used for role-playing or tabletop war games.

Featuring hinged doors, removable roofs and multiple storeys.

SIZE 18 x 18.2 x 44.5cm
Printed with Silver PLA+, High quality & low layer height
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