Peddlers Stalls

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Peddlers Stalls

This set includes a variety of peddlers’ stalls to use as terrain in a market, roadside stall, warehouse, or other setup where a variety of saleable goods are needed. Great as scatter terrain, these stalls can provide cover and function as obstacles in your next tabletop encounter.

  • Contains 7 unique models representing peddler’s wares, including a peddler’s cart
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“Stop a moment friend! What you almost passed up when you walked by just now is a deal I do not think you want to miss. Yes, turn around, come back, look keenly upon my wares. A finer selection of rare treasures is not to be had this side of the Ashlands and I guarantee you will not be disappointed in your purchase! ” – The Dove

The peddlers’ stalls that are arrayed haphazardly at the gates of Wightwood Abbey may indeed contain rare treasures, but asides from a few loaves of bread and some semi-fresh vegetables most of the items for sale are found, made by unskilled hands, or fell off the back of a cart. Still, a keen eye might find something of value in among the junk, and you can be certain to get a more than fair price when buying from the destitute who gather here trying to eke out a living.