Last Hearth Keep’s Cottage

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Last Hearth Keep’s Cottage

The Last Hearth Keep’s Cottage is a quaint, comfortable and multi-use two story affair. The two floors are connected by an external stairwell and the grounds around the building boast an arbour of grape vines and storage shed. This building connects to the Last Hearth Inn via a detachable walkway, but can be used independently as well with the facades provided.

  • Two story building with external stairwell
  • working doors
  • detachable facades



            28 mm scale
            Printed in Silver PLA+

            “Steady yourself Galeta, there can’t be noises coming from ghosts in the basement because this cottage was built without a basement. In fact, town records show that the initial foundations of the Last Hearth Inn, this house included, were used as a desperate last line of defence during one of those legendary Orelog raids back in the time of our grandfathers. Now how could you use the foundations as a line of defence if there were a big hole in the ground for a basement! I mean, the only hole in the ground they might of had was to put the bodies of the fallen in! Ha! Ha!….. ha…………. ha…………….. oh. ” – Beof Lamis, groundskeeper at The Last Hearth Inn

            The Last Hearth Keep’s Cottage has been the quaint and comfortable home for each of the Last Hearth Innkeepers since it was built in the bygone days of opulence in Torbridge Cull.  Like much of The Last Hearth architecture, the second floor connects to the first via an external stairwell, which also allows the innkeeper’s quarters to be used as an ’emergency’ rental room if the need arises. Covered in a web of grape vines that were planted shortly after the cottage was built, the Keep’s Cottage has the look of a country homestead, though it occupies a central location in town. An open ground floor can be reorganized to suit the needs of the day, and one never knows if it is being used as a kitchen, meeting hall or makeshift bunkhouse when the inn, hotel and guesthouse are overflowing. Connected to the inn and tavern via a walkway, the innkeeper is never far from the centre of action at the Last Hearth Inn, and can be called at a moments notice if some dire need arises.