Hive Outpost 2'x2' Set

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Hive Outpost 2'x2' Set

Tycho Starport, is a 28mm - 32mm scale set of SCIFI gaming terrain based around a simple 3-inch cube system.

Fully modular and stackable to make your very own amazing set up.

We have put together some sets that you can get started with, and then you can head to our BYO (Build Your Own) section to get creative & expand your city, slum you what every you're working on.


Sizes & How the System Works

These are bases on a 3-inch cube system, so are as follows, and all are inter-lockable and stackable. Sizes are as follows

Single Cube 76.2x76.2x76.2mm

Double Cube 152.4x76.2x76.2mm

L Cube 152.4x152.4x76.2mm

Quad Cube 152.4x152.4x76.2mm

Kiosk 38.1x76.2x76.2mm

Set Come with

14 x Scatter Bits
13 x Single doors
4 x Roller doors
6 x ladders
3 x Roofs with top attachments
10 x Single cube buildings 
1 x Quad cube buildings 
9 x Double cube buildings 
1 x L cube buildings 
2 x Stairs
4 x Catwalks with railings
1 x Set of paper billboard custom images

Images you will receive

Printing Info for terrain

FDM Printed in silver PLA+ material, we print to a high standard with low layer lines. Minimal cleaning will need priming before you paint.
NOTE: Items do not come painted or with any miniatures seen in images

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