Haarapan Plains Table Set

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Haarapan Plains Table Set

32mm scale

Kit out your grasslands town themed gaming table with this bundle of six unique 3 buildings. Scaled for 32mm and compatible with Star Wars: Legion it features removable and roofs allowing access to the interiors, while the smaller buildings feature built-in ladders to implement elevation in your games.


Building A Lower - 129mm x106mm x 67mm
Building A Roof - 116mm x 98mm x 30mm

Building B Lower - 170mm x 166mm x 83mm
Building B Roof - 150mm x 144mm x 23mm

Building C Lower - 107mm x 129mm x 82mm
Building C Roof - 92mm x 122mm x 33mm

Building D Lower - 108mm x 130mm x 83mm
Building D Roof - 92mm x 122mm x 33mm

Building E Lower - 180mm x 193mm x 83mm
Building E Roof - 170mm x 170mm x 75mm

Building F Lower - 183mm x 183mm x 83mm
Building F Upper - 175mm x 175mm x 74mm
Building F Roof - 170mm x 170mm x 22mm

Printers in Silver PLA+ to high quality and low layer height.

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