Fuel Storage Station Set

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Fuel Storage Station Set
This huge set is a great center or addition to your gaming table 
Approx Size 
58cm at widest paint and 39cm height
Please note this is an 11 day print
1x Storage tower
1 x Top half sphere
4 x 90 pipes
1 x Standard pipe
4 x Couplings
1 x Fuel tower with pipe holes
1 x Fuel tower
2 x Pipe tower style A 4 way
1 x Pipe tower style A half size
1 x Pipe tower roof vent
2 x support tower full size 4 post
3 x Shield generators
2 x 2x3 Bridge style c
1 x Ladder full
4 x Fuel tower level with railing
1 x Fuel tower level with railing and ladder hole
3 x Fuel tower level
This package was put together by OTP TERRAIN
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