Orbital Outpost Walkways Medium Starter Set

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Orbital Outpost Walkway Starter Set gives you the following of each of the walkway pieces great way to get a big start on the walkway collection & save $, you can then add to it and create as you wish.
Sizes on individual items
The kit comes with and you can see all the bits in the images.
4 x Walkway A 2x1 End
2 x Walkway A 2x1
2 x Walkway A 2x2
2 x Walkway A 2x3
2 x Walkway A 2x4
2 x Walkway A 2x5
4 x Walkway Armour Large
4 x Walkway Armour Small
1 x Walkway JL 3x3
1 x Walkway JO 6x6
1 x Walkway JT 4x3
1 x Walkway JX 4x4
1 x Walkway JY 4x4
16 x Walkwar Riser
1 x Walkway Stairs 1x4
1 x Walkway Stairs 2x4
1 x Walkway Stairs Railing L
1 x Walkway Stairs Railing R
50 x Clips D
You will see in the pictures that there are many party to this and they are all modular so you can change it up as you wish.
Please note this is a long day print so in some case it may take up to 2 weeks to be ready depending on orders at the time you will be let know rough turn a round time.
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