Bile Pile Set Of 4

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Bile Pile Set Of 4

Set Includes


Bile Pile A1 127x113x109mm

Bile Pile A2 153x81x102mm

Pile Pile A3 131x83x123mm

Bile Pile A4 123x110x117mm

You've lost communication with District 0012 it's been one week since you last heard anything. You've been asked to assemble a reconnaissance team to investigate the districts radio silence. 
District 0012 is a sci-fi industrial building set, with building components to customize your industrial complex for tabletop war-gaming and RPGs. We also have some amasing pre build sets you can take advantage of and save some $$
Miniatures not included
Architecture - Bile Pile Set Of 4Tabletop - Bile Pile Set Of 4

Symbol - Bile Pile Set Of 4