Bah Two House 'A'

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Pilgrim City Walls Ruins

28-34mm scale

This  House is part of the BahTwo range and is perfect for 28mm - 34mm sci-fi wargaming tables. Comprised of two large buildings linked by a 50mm wide walkway bridge.

Each building comes in four parts for quicker and easier printing. Each section is removable along with the doors, allowing you to place miniatures inside.



Building 1 Lower - 153mm x 159mm x 63mm
Building 1 Upper A - 167mm x 167mm x 63mm
Building 1 Upper B - 126mm x 138mm x 63mm
Building 1 Roof - 116mm x 116mm x 53mm
Building 1 Stairs - 131mm x 65mm x 63mm
Bridge Walkway - 70mm x 150mm x 41mm

Building 2 Lower - 192mm x 144mm x 58mm
Building 2 Upper A - 184mm x 142mm x 68mm
Building 2 Upper B - 170mm x 127mm x 63mm
Building 2 Roof - 115mm x 115mm x 67mm
Building 2 Stairs - 172mm x 112mm x 58mm
Building 2 Upper Stairs - 115mm x 44mm x 53mm

Assembled size: 483mm x 266mm x 247mm (19" x 10.5" x 9.7")

Printers in Silver PLA+ to high quality and low layer height.

Symbol - Pilgrim City Ruins