Ancient Burial Grounds

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Ancient Burial Grounds

The Ancient Burial Grounds set includes six unique models of graves, grave markers and a massive tomb, all of which which one might find in an important and venerable grave site. Create a mysterious and spirit-haunted location for your next tabletop encounter with these intricate and atypical graves!

Contains 6 unique models
28mm Scale


“Before we found the catacombs, we had to inter the dearly departed in this hard stony ground. It was impossible to dig more than a few feet, and so the stones we fought so hard against we made our allies, piling them high to protect the graves from animals and looters. Under the largest stones we interned the first abbots, and upon the rock faces we carved the symbols and images so important to us.” – Father Veerly

The Ancient Burial Grounds are a fantastic and mystical place. The early monks of Wightwood Abbey placed their dead under great stone slabs and piled their graves with stones dug up from the shallow graves. Not quite neglected, but not often visited, the Ancient Burial Grounds are enigmatic and eerie, yet their importance to the history of the abbey cannot be understated.

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