Terms of service

1. Your order will not go into the print queue until your order is fully paid. Once your oder is fully paid, your order will be placed in the print queue effective the date of the final payment. Normal wait times apply.

2. If you wish to cancel a LAY-BUY for any reason, you will forfeit the initial payment as a cancellation fee.

3. If you are having trouble meeting a LAY-BUY payment, please contact us ASAP.

1. No refunds as we print to order.

2. All poducts are printed in silver PLA unless specified.

3. With the nature of FDM printing, there may be slight imperfections in the print. We try to reduce the incidence of imperfections as much as possible, although it may still happen. Products are only sent out with imperfections if the imperfection affects all prints and cannot be fixed and we feel it does not greatly detract from the overall quality of the product.