Partnered Links

Who are Down Under Pairings?
Down Under Pairings is an online Event Management solution to help you manage your competitive events, as well as allow both players and spectators to view pairings, results and rankings on-line, and on any device. OTP Terrain donate prize support to these amazing guys, they are great to watch live on Twitch don't miss it must watch!!!
Who is The Golden D6?
The Golden D6 is your independent online hobby magazine. We’re currently in the process of re-launching! Head on over to the link above and subscribe. OTP Terrain will be featuring in the magazine. Support the relaunch.
Who are Queensland Gamers Guild?

 Queensland Gamers Guild is a group of gamers who have an interest in the running and organising tabletop wargames in Brisbane.  Drawing on over a decades worth of organising skills and knowledge on a variety of games and facilitating other groups to join in our multi event tournaments held throughout the year. OTP Terrain are a proud sponsor of Queensland Gamers Guild, we offer prize support for their tournaments & discounts at their club events for their club members to take advantage of over the tournament days.