Pilgrim City Walls Ruins

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Pilgrim City Walls Ruins

32mm scale

A once imposing gateway to the holy city lies in ruins, blasted to rubble in a long forgotten battle, the vestiges of a grand rampart gate left to decay in the sun.

This Pilgrim City Walls Ruins features two 'destroyed' sections of city wall and the double archway and walkway above it giving access to both sides. Ruined sections of walkway give your sniper units access the windows in the walls, while the walled walkway provides great line-of-sight blocking to units below.


When assembled the model is huge, measuring a mighty 583mm x 109mm x 179mm (23inches x 4inches x 7inches).

NOTE You Can buy archway separate to wall parts, but please know they are flat on the sides as they are meant to join the walls
ARCHWAY SIZE  190 x 59.1 x 130.77mm

Printers in Silver PLA+ to high quality and low layer height.

Symbol - Pilgrim City Ruins