Thumper Spaceship

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Thumper Spaceship

The Thumper Spaceship is great way of getting your troop around & up in the air for all the bombing missions with working doors that drops down into a ranp and specially designed windows to allow you to add thin plastic glass panels. Internal

This item includes:

VP DC Leg Port
VP DC Leg Starboard
VP DC Leg Front
MOP VP Frame Large Base With Floor
VP DC Side Port B
VP DC Panels Interior B1
VP DC Panels Interior B2
VP DC Cockpit Interior A
VP DC Cockpit Door
VP DC Pilot Chair
VP DC Cockpit Bottom Single Door
VP DC Gun Port
VP DC Gun Starboard
VP DC Cockpit Glass Front
VP DC Cockpit Glass Right
VP DC Cockpit Glass Left


VP DC Rear Door
VP DC Rear Base
VP DC Panels Interior A
VP DC Side Starboard B
MOP VP Frame Large Top
VP DC Engine Rear LED x 2
VP DC Engine Front Starboard
VP DC Engine Front Port
VP DC Rear Top
VP DC Top Starboard Large
VP DC Top Port Large
VP DC Top Gun Starboard
VP DC Top Gun Port
VP DC Cockpit Top Rear
VP DC Cockpit Glass Top
VP DC Cockpit Top Front
Printed in Silver PLA+ to a low layer height and high detail.

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