Stone Rest Village

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Stone Rest Village

The Stone rest village is mind-blowing. 


726 x 726 mm

All levels open lock clip together


Purchasing Options

We are aware that as a whole this is amazing but is a significant investment, and can see the potential for offering is a few different ways, so we have. 

Option 1 = The whole Stone Rest Village

Option 2 =  Just Level 0 the Under Hive 

Option 3 = Just the Sewer Level 1 The Maze of walls 

Option 4 = Just the Street Level Stone Rest Village level with the cobblestone streets and all buildings


Starting at level 0. 

This all open lock clips together and is all below ground down in the tunnels that the stench leaks through the walls as the rats run through the mud. Once you have played this level add you next on top.

Level 1

This level is all you typical sewers tunnels walls and you see only for the small fire lanterns on the wall. This level is like a big maze you could have some real fun in here.

Level 2

You are now in civilisation, street level where you can admire the amazing buildings starting to form and the magnificent cobblestone roads & pathways. The houses / shops / churches and much more have internal features and playable levels. The paint work that could be achieved here is mind-blowing.

Level 3 to 6

These levels are where you have the opportunity to slowly add your levels for the 2 & 3-story building and then add the amazing finishing touches of roofs.

Fitting Game Systems

Dungeons & Dragons

Middle Earth 


For me just an amazing display & painting project to stare at and enjoy every day.


This is scaled for 25 mm to true 28 mm scale models if using the current scale GW models for 28 mm it is on the small size but still usable.

Printing Information 

Printed in silver PLA+ to a high quality with a low layer line height.


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