Pilgrim City House 'E' With Storage Area Version

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Pilgrim City House 'E' With Storage Area Version

32mm scale

Split into three distinct structures that can form one single building, and includes steps to access the upper floors of two taller buildings. Also equipped with ladders allowing your units to access to elevation. Removable doors and roofs allow access to the inside of the buildings. A selection of cargo scatter terrain is included to add interest to your table.


Building A Lower - 158mm x 197mm x 68mm
Building A Upper - 177mm x 195mm x 71mm
Building A Roof - 137mm x 191mm x 39mm
Building A Steps - 66mm x 186mm 65mm

Building B Lower - 144mm x 127mm x 68mm
Building B Upper - 140mm x 123mm x 34mm

Building C Lower - 166mm x 84mm x 72mm
Building C Upper - 145mm x 89mm x 66mm
Building C Roof - 140mm x 75mm x 24mm

Storage Area Double Arches - 22mm x 171mm x 108mm
Storage Area Roof - 110mm x 171mm x 43mm

Printers in Silver PLA+ to high quality and low layer height.