Card Box

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Card Box

A card box for your samurai wargames, shaped like an antique wooden box from old Japan.

The box's exterior measures W74mm x H102mm x D33mm (3"x4"x1¼"), and has an interior space of  W65mm x H90mm x D25mm (2½"x3½"x1"). It is designed to hold cards for popular games such as Test of Honour (63x88mm cards) and Bushido (62x86mm cards), and can be used with protective card sleeves. A box holds approximately 67 Test of Honour cards.

Built-in clips hold the box lid in place for transport - gently squeeze in the middle (front and back) to slide the lid off.

Highly detailed terrain is a must for your ultimate gaming experience.

Printed with Silver PLA+ to high quality and low layer height.