Industrial Modular 4.0

Industrial Modular 4.0

This is the latest and by far the best Industrial Modular Terrain you will see for your gaming table!! So amazing that if your space/storage pore that is ok this is for you it packs away into small sections & then you can also build a different set up next time you designs and builds can be endless.

View video at bottom to see how this all works!!

It has 4 different main sections
*Support Poles
Here is how all the sections work
Support Poles
Each support pole has 4 channels cut out of the sides. These channels allow walls to be slotted in from above or below. There are 3 different types of support poles with difference tolerances. Some printers print the parts more loosely than others. If the parts are too tight or too loose, try a different support pole.
Each wall has fins on each side of it that fit snugly inside the support poles channels. Each wall design comes in 1, 2 & most in 3 panel lengths. 
Roofs / Floors
These parts slide down from the top and nest inside the support poles and walls. There are small support pieces in the support poles that catch the roof/floor and hold it in place. 
Stacking Walls
A building can have as many levels as you’d like. There are two main ways to stack buildings. One way is using the support poles names peg on the top. They are relatively secure and easy to swap. A slightly more stable way is using a few “T slot filler” wesell in sets too these act as a joint between the two levels. Generally you can get away using one of these for every two support poles in your building. You can always add more for a more secure building.
Building Outwards
The parts that we sell to build out / overhangs / balconies you will find under balconies. They add 1 or 2 lengths from the support post that a new structure can be built on. There are two versions of these. One where it is all as one piece for 2 length walls. These can not be place side by side though. There is another set that can be built to create longer length outcroppings. A small part slots into the front that creates the final structure. A roof/ floor can be placed inside and will be supported.
All Printed in Silver PLA+ Premium Filament to a high quality and low layer line.
OTP Terrain pride ourselves on exceptional detail and quality going to all customers 




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