Hero Forge

Get You Hero Forge Miniatures Printed Here

HERO FORGE® is a platform which allows you to create detailed characters in full 3D, right in your web browser, with an easy-to-use character customizer.
Simply click the link below to design your miniature through the Hero Forge portal then purchase your STL. File. Come back here purchase the base size the matches the Miniature you have just designed the email us at otp_terrain@outlook.com with your order number and STL file, and we will UV resin print it. 

OTP TERRAIN is an Authorized printer for Hero Forge 


25mm Base
Regular price $18.00
32mm Base
Regular price $20.00
40mm Base
Regular price $30.00
50mm Base
Regular price $35.00
XL Model
Regular price $38.00
25mm x 50mm Base
Regular price $45.00