Command Platform

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Command Platform

28  scale
This large Legion range is compatible with Star War Legion, Necromunda, 40k Tabletop gaming. 
Bring your game and table to life and play with some amazing terrain 


Lower Left - 149mm x 178mm x 65mm
Lower Right - 156mm x 173mm x 65mm
Deck Left - 169mm x 182mm x 26mm
Deck Right - 172mm x 182mm x 19mm
Lookout Building Lower - 134mm x 174mm x 63mm
Lookout Building Roof - 152mm x 167mm x 13mm
Ramp Front - 110mm x 91mm x 38mm
Ramp Back - 110mm x 91mm x 75mm

Straight Wall - 120mm x 32mm x 60mm

Printers in Silver PLA+ to high quality and low layer height.

Symbol - Desert Town House B