Orcs Team 16 Miniatures ( Fantasy Football)

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Orcs Team 16 Miniatures

( Fantasy Football)

32mm Scale Miniatures that all come with black plastic bases.
16 x Ultra Detail 0.025 microns Resin Miniatures 
15 x 25mm Round Plastic Bases
1 x 30mm Round Plastic Bases
We have ready to order miniatures Ware are licensed through many designers or you can Design Your Own Miniature too please see the Design You Own Miniature Ad on how to use HERO FORGE.
These Miniatures are all uv resin printed in random coloured resin to extremely high quality and super detailed. We are printing to Ultra Detail .025 microns the highest quality possible there is still some minor cleaning like any miniature.
OTP Terrain & Miniature uv resin print all miniature with Premium grade resin, resin colour will change as we will be using prusa resin tough that we can get at the time.

We pride ourself on making sure only the best quality get to our customers.


Label - Orcs Team 16 Miniatures ( Fantasy Football)