High Quality 3D Printed Gaming Terrain & Miniatures
High Quality 3D Printed Gaming Terrain & Miniatures
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Who are OTP Terrain & What do we do

OTP Terrain are licensed 3D printers of 6mm to 28mm wargaming / tabletop gaming terrain. We are licensed through many of the best designers & offer a wide range to pick from, that’s being added to all the time in our online shop.

We pride ourselves on the quality & high detail of our prints, in some cases they may require some very minimal cleaning this is more with the small scale prints. The terrain is easily painted with acrylic paints & once painted you struggle to tell it's a print.

We started this little business not knowing how it would go but after having a booth at SHO (Southern Hemisphere Open) in September, and having a massive amount of orders taken over the 3 days we have seen that there is a very big demand for different options when it comes to terrain & this we can offer.

The feedback we received at SHO was that our print quality is something they have never seen before and this is from hours & hours of twerking & playing with settings. Our print times are long and yes you have to be patient as we print to order, but you are getting a good quality item.

We have listen to what you want to see more of and we are in the process of working to bringing you what you want more of, SCI-FI, Fantasy, Post Apocalypse & World War + moch more. We are getting new products all the time so follow us on Facebook for all the latest & Shop with us at our online store.



Please help spread the word and invite all your friends and family to check out our products, we thank you all for your ongoing support.

Thank You

Emma & Daniel

OTP Terrain